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A BIG thank you goes out to both Erika Donalds and Kelly Lichter for slowing down this school Blue Zones initiative and giving teachers, parents, students, booster clubs, etc. until September 8, 2015 to get informed and better understand what school Blue Zones involve and what specific freedoms can be lost with school Blue Zone proposals.

The following are just some of the items that ARE on the School Pledge list and can be implemented if we don't get involved and show up in force at the next Board meeting on September 8, 2015:
1. Discontinue using unhealthy foods for fundraisers;
2. Ensure all foods served outside of school hours meet the USDA Smart Snacks nutrition standards, including after-school fundraisers, concession stands at sporting events, etc. (THIS WILL LEAD TO A MAJOR DROP IN SALES);
3. Establishment of a wellness council at the individual school level and develop a recurring meeting schedule to regularly discuss progress and future steps;
4. Prohibit the sale and consumption of soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages on campus, including those BROUGHT FROM HOME (this includes non-100- percent vegetable or fruit juice);
5. Discontinue using food as rewards (no more pizza or ice-cream parties..seriously);
6. Prohibit unhealthy food and beverage (e.g., sodas, sweets, etc.) advertisements on school grounds;
7. Integrate physical activity into daily lesson plans outside of physical education class (For example, offer physical activity in the classroom as part of planned lessons that teach mathematics, language arts, and other academic subjects. Additionally, incorporate at least ten minutes of stretching, walking, or other activities into students’ daily classroom experience);
8. Integrate nutrition education into daily lesson plans outside of health class at every grade level,
9. Limit vending-machine access during the school day;
10. Require students to pay for unhealthy foods in the cafeteria with cash;
11. Prohibit consumption of food and beverages, other than water, in classrooms and hallways, and
implement a Walking School Bus and/or bus-to-walk program (putting children at perhaps greater risk given traffic and other safety concerns);
12. Recess before lunch;
13. Incorporate “lifestyle-focused” activities into your school’s physical-education curriculum.(For example, rework the PE curriculum to emphasize non-team activities, such as walking, cycling, weight training, social dance, etc.);
14. Establish an in-class breakfast program (Work with teachers, food service staff, custodians, and administrators to develop an in-class breakfast program. Your program may deliver meals to the classroom at the beginning of the day or employ a healthy breakfast cart in the hallway where students can grab breakfast and take it into the classroom. Students should be given 10–15 minutes to eat at their desks before class starts. Ideally, offer breakfast in the classroom free to all students to reduce the stigma associated with school breakfast and increase participation.)

Any guess why the District has failed or refused to date to disclose the above proposals to school stakeholders?

WHAT CAN YOU DO to inform and organize stakeholders?
1. Write an e-mail or letter to School Board members,
2, Call or meet with your elected School Board members,
3. Write NDN letters to the editor,
4. share this post on social media, and


PS ... the above items are on the CURRENT School Pledge list. Can anyone assure stakeholders that list will remain static over time? No doubt, the list will change over time and it will become even more restrictive and imposing on our personal freedoms. The time for action on this is NOW.

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  1. And here some facts regarding the discussion around Collier County Public Schools and the School Pledge: 

    * NCH Healthcare System is the funding sponsor for this project. No organization, including the schools are being asked to pay for this program. No tax dollars or government funds are being used to fund this project.

    * This is a “WE” project meaning every individual, business, and organization in the community has the opportunity to participate. WE decide as a community what is best for our community. Each principal, along with their wellness committee members (staff and parents) can decide what is best for each school.

    * The School Pledge has a menu of options for the wellness committees to choose from. Our team will work with the schools to help provide guidance and flexibility for the pledge options. 

    * The School Pledge has more flexibility than it appears at first glance as any item is negotiable. Also, schools can elect to create up to 3 of their own pledge options. Ultimately, a school will only select items that the principal and wellness committee (staff, parents and students, as appropriate) decides on.   

    * The wellness best practices listed on the pledge complement and enhance the many healthy initiatives CCPS is already doing, such as the B-FIT, wellness committees and safe routes to schools program.

    * The Blue Zones Project will assist schools by hiring a Schools Coordinator to assist the schools as they implement programs to maximize the health and wellness of our students.  

    Form you own opinion and come to the Family, Food & Fun night at Cambier Park September 1st, 2015 at 5:30pm and talk to the community members spear heading the Blue Zones Project.