Monday, June 8, 2015

CCPS Defends the use of Highly Explicit and Pornographic Materials!

The Collier County School Superintendent's attorney, John Fishbane, defends the use of highly explicit and pornographic materials!

At the August 12, 2015 Collier School Board meeting, the Superintendent's attorney, John Fishbane, defended the use of highly explicit and pornographic materials in OUR children's school media centers.  The three senior school board members (Curatolo, Sprague, Terry) sat on their laurels, continued to drink the progressive kool aid and lapped up Mr. Fishbane inane argument that "because these texts have already been purchased, I fear 'banning them' would put the District at risk of a lawsuit."

In case the public is unaware of the content parents are concerned about, here are a few excerpts from the books this District has made available to our children (CAUTION - ADULT CONTENT):

Beautiful Bastard – Contains graphic details of sexual encounters.
Excerpt: “He leaned close enough to bite my shoulder, whispering, ‘You f*****g tease.”Unable to get close enough, I quickened my pace on his zipper, shoving his pants and his boxers to the floor.  I gave his c**k a hard squeeze, feeling him pulse against my palm.

He forced my skirt up my thighs and pushed me back on the conference table.  Before I could utter a single word, he took hold of my ankles, grabbed his c**k, and took a step forward, thrusting deep inside me.

I couldn’t even be horrified by the loud moan I let out – he felt better than anything. ‘What’s that?’ he hissed through his clenched teeth, his hips slapping against my thighs, driving him deep inside. ‘Never been f****d like this before, have you? You wouldn’t be such a tease if you were being properly f****d.”

The Bluest Eye – Contains graphic detail of rape and incest.
Excerpt: What could he do for her – ever? What give her? What say to her? What could a burned-out black man say to the hunched back of his eleven-year-old daughter? If he looked into her face, he would see those haunted, loving eyes. The hauntedness would irritate him – the love would move him to fury. How dare she love him? Hadn't she any sense at all? What was he supposed to do about that? Return it? How?”

Beloved: A Novel - Depicts scenes of bestiality, gang rape and an infant’s gruesome murder.
Excerpt: “A stair step before him was Baby Suggs' replacement, the new girl they dreamed of at night and f****d cows for at dawn while waiting for her to choose. Merely kissing the wrought iron on her back had shook the house, had made it necessary for him to beat it to pieces.”

“…picked up and put back down anywhere any time by a girl young enough to be his daughter. F*****g her when he was convinced he didn't want to. Whenever she turned her behind up, the calves of his youth (was that it?) cracked his resolve. But it was more than appetite that humiliated him and made him wonder if schoolteacher was right.”

“What? A grown man fixed by a girl? But what if the girl was not a girl, but something in disguise? A lowdown something that looked like a sweet young girl and f*****g her or not was not the point…”

Dreaming In Cuban – Highly explicit sex scenes which involve sadomasochism and verbally abusive language to women.
Excerpt: “Hugo and Felicia stripped in their room, dissolving easily into one another, and made love against the whitewashed walls. Hugo bit Felicia’s breast and left purplish bands of bruises on her upper thighs. He knelt before her in the tub and massaged black Spanish soap between her legs. He entered her repeatedly from behind.

“Felicia learned what pleased him. She tied his arms above his head with their underclothing and slapping him sharply when he asked.

“‘You’re my bitch,’” Hugo said, groaning.

“In the morning he left, promising to return in the summer.”

This is becoming a systemic problem which undermines the ability of parents to trust this District with their children.

Young children are being exposed to these sexually inappropriate and graphically violent materials which can cause serious and long-term cognitive and behavioral problems.

Why would the District be filling their libraries with books targeted to children with themes that are desensitizing students and distorting their views of sexual and physical abuse and promoting dehumanization and the abuse of animals? 

Many studies have shown that children who are exposed to violent material are likely to suffer from attachment problems, regressive behavior, anxiety, and depression.

The District can no longer blame third parties for its conduct. Superintendent Patton and the Collier County School District are directly accountable to parents for making these sexualized and violent books available to our children.  This is unacceptable!

We can do better.  Our children certainly deserve better!

Email the three senior board members and District superintendent who are defending putting these books in the hands of 11 year old children, and let them know you will not stand for this!

Kathy Curatolo Email
Julie Sprague Email
Roy Terry Email

Kamela Patton Email

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