Friday, May 22, 2015

The Biggest Problem with Common Core

The biggest problem with Common Core is that it teaches kids exactly WHAT they must think, NOT how to think logically, independently, and critically. Rather than teach basic objective facts (the building blocks of thought, logic, deductive reasoning, and inventiveness), Common Core materials attempt to brainwash children to all think and believe the same opinions, and instill in them the same political outlook.

The high stakes tests ensure that no one goes past prescribed check points unless identical answers are regurgitated by all. This is essentially a modern day reeducation camp. Only the 'successful' will move on to the next phase. This guarantees uniformity in thought, skill level and goals for all. However, it inhibits creativity, individuality and a spirit of inventiveness and risk. All will be suited for mediocrity and sameness. Differences in thought and opinion will be snuffed out, and along with that, exceptional-ism and individuality will be lost.

The answer to this problem is to go back to local control for variety, and to have the freedom to tailor educational techniques to individuals or/and local needs and cultures. To bring out excellence and creativity, developing each person to their highest potential, we must institute what previously was called a 'classical liberal arts education.' This kind of education promotes critical thinkers, and allows for individual creativity and thought. This kind of education was responsible for forming the greatest minds throughout history. 

Getting back to the basics is the best way to build a solid foundation for the future, and the only way for each individual to reach his potential.

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