Friday, May 1, 2015

Enough is Enough

It has been just five months since Collier County elected two school board members who have skin in the game.  Kelly Lichter and Erika Donalds are two young mothers with children in the public school system. They are both well educated and supremely qualified to serve the students and constituents of Collier County.  Mrs. Donalds is a Certified Public Accountant and partner at a local Accounting Firm. She is an active opponent of high-stakes testing and Common Core.  Mrs. Lichter is the founding board president of the first Hillsdale College public charter school in Florida, Mason Classical Academy, and president of the Southwest Florida Conservative Coalition. These ladies were elected by the voters because they believe in public education, and have dedicated their talents and passions towards improving it.

Since their election, the radical left-wing ideologues have attacked them for speaking out against politically biased and historically inaccurate instructional materials. They have been criticized for exposing the pervasive corruption at the administration.  The liberals in charge at the district offices and their minions have actively campaigned against them using district resources (which is illegal by the way).  It is understandable, in a perverse sort of way, that these statists would be so defensive.  After all, they have been in charge of "educating" our children for years, and they often earn six figure salaries at that.  But how are our schools performing under the current regime?

Take a look:
1) Just 50% of Collier graduates could read at a 12th grade level in 2014.
2) Just 49% of Collier graduates could perform math at a 12th grade level in 2014.
3) Just 25% of Immokalee High graduates could read at a 12th grade level in 2014.
4) Since Dr. Kamela Patton was hired as superintendent in 2010, no more than 60% of our 10th graders could pass the state's reading test.

The liberal education methodologies, teaching to the tests and Common Core curriculum have failed our children!  This bottom-of-the-heap dumbed-down school system is wrecking havoc in our classrooms.  We can do better!  Our children deserve better!

In 2016, Collier County voters will have an opportunity to oust two of the most destructive and corrupt school board members in recent memory.  Julie Sprague and Kathleen Curatolo are up for reelection next year. On August 30, 2016, you will have a choice - continue the failing status quo, or turn the page and transform our local schools into beacons of robust education.  With two new ethical members on the school board, we can take back our schools and restore public education for the next generation.

Stay tuned for more information on the two fresh candidates who will challenge the status quo and stem the tide of liberalism that has flooded our public schools.  Until then, let Mrs. Lichter and Mrs. Donalds know you support them by showing up at school board meetings, speaking out, writing letters to the editor, and telling your friends and colleagues that "enough is enough." We will not stand idly by as our public schools are devastated by power hungry educrats who care more about public perception than educating our children.

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